Welcome to The Perfekt Partner FCI Labrador Kennel !
Labrador is a unique representative of the dog family. Sociable, eager to play and craving to serve its master. Well-tempered, very agile and showing its friendliness, with no trace of aggression.

All that makes the owners of the breed and those who happen to meet it mad about Labradors. If, while watching the photos and reading about Labradors, you will become infected... Welcome!

Puppies wait for loving owners ....

Kennel News

Yet one more winning !!!

Our Aluja, was present in intermedia class:
16.07.20O5 National Dog Show EX.1, CAC
16.07.2005 Retriever Minsk EX.1, CAC
17.07.2005 International Dog Show CACIB Minsk EX.1, CAC 
And she become CHAMPION of Beloruss. We are very happy for Aluja's results !!!

10.07.2005 in Warszawa on the International Dog Show


our ESKA was present in open class and she become Ex.1 CWC. judged by Elżbieta Sobieszczańska. After this win ESKA become POLISH CHAMPION ! In ESKA class was 23 females so we are happy for Eska's results !!!






10.07.2005 in Staryj Oskol (Russia)

on the National Dog Show our ALUJA was present in intermedia class and she become Ex.1 CAC. It was her last CAC and now she is adult RUSSIA CHAMPION !!! She is 20 months old and looks perfect. We hope it's not last Aluja's Gold Medal !

04.06.2005 -On EURODOG 2005 TULLN our ESKA,


shown in open class received excellent note !!! (judge Ole Staunskjaer, DK)








On may 2 we welcomed Estaka's puppies. There are 2 black girls, 1 black and 2 yellow boys !!!


On may 3 the puppies after Hilary were born. This time we had 5 yellow boys and 4 yellows girls

23.04.2005 -Great Success !!!


On the International Show in Opole, Aluja Herbu Zadora shown in Junior Class won competition between 10 other bitches and thus she  became JUNIOR CHAMPION of Poland !!!
Aluja was shown by the breeder Monika Dowgialo, the owner of kennel Herbu Zadora. I would like to thank to Monika for excellent presentation of my dog. I am really grateful for your help and professional support.


11.04.05. New photos

- EL PASO at the age of 6 months (Saturday Night Fever of Tintagel Winds x Estakada Herbu Zadora) - please feel invited and enjoy watching!

06.03.2005 Yet one more winning !!!

- on JAROSŁAW National Show  our Aluja Herbu Zadora, shown in junior class, won Junior Winner and The Best of Sex, BEST OF BREED !!

All F-litter puppies have found new home.


To the owners of Finioto, Fabriano, Fortunato, Fantazja, Frajda, Fazi, Febe - I would like to thank for keeping contact, received photos and I would like to wish them all the best.






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